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Window Doctor is proud to offer you high-quality uPVC French casement windows. No worries about drafts, mould or warps with these! These stylish installations are an upgrade from the standard casement style, having two sashes which are hinged on the side and meet in the middle. As with all French windows, they were traditionally made from timber and lead-paned, but ours are right up to date and made from the most technologically advanced materials.

For example, uPVC, which is used in all our French casement windows, is made with fewer non-renewable fossils fuels than any other competing plastic. This reduces its carbon footprint. uPVC is also recyclable. If you want the low maintenance perks of a non-timber window but are worried about its cost to the environment, make sure you get opt for stunning uPVC French casement windows for your home in Epsom and the surrounding areas.


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Features & Benefits

Thanks to their sterling design features, our French casement windows can easily reach grade A Windows Energy Rating (WER) the highest rating of energy efficiency available. This means that less heat escapes through the window, and so it takes less fuel to keep the house at a steady temperature. This is very likely to result in reduced fuel bills for you. Always look for the WER score when researching for new double glazing.

We provide many accessories for your French casement windows so that you can create the style you want, including Georgian bars for the lovely old-fashioned touch. Thanks to the uPVC material used, the profiles are available in many different colours, such as Brilliant Blue and Ruby Red, in woodgrain or in smooth finishes. The colour application procedure was developed in the automobile industry and has graced the likes of Jaguar and Mercedes!

All our French casement windows are made from uPVC. This lightweight, glossy, eco-conscious material has a lifespan of up to 35 years. Unlike timber, there is no risk that it will rot, warp in the heat, or require labourious repainting. Even if a coloured foil is applied, all the window will need is the occasional wipe with soapy water and a cloth to maintain its spotless appearance.

french casement windows epsom surrey
french casement windows epsom surrey

uPVC French Casement Windows Epsom

High-level Security

Our uPVC French casement windows meet security standard PAS 24. This is the national security standard for profiles which demands stringent tests to ensure that your installations can offer enhanced performance when an intruder is attempting to force their way inside. Not only are the frames themselves safe and secure, they also incorporate all the top-quality handles, hinges and locking mechanisms on the market in order to maximise their security. If these are installed in the correct manner they achieve the Secured by Design certification, which is supported by the police and awarded to products which put serious thought into how their design will deter intruders.

Beautiful Design

uPVC French casement windows have slim, elegant sight lines for maximum light and minimum view obstruction. The profiles come in two types: sculptured (curved) or chamfered (bevelled). We offer 28mm double glazing or 36mm triple glazing with these products. Triple glazing is a little pocket-lightening but you will make the difference back in energy savings: thermal glazing can be phenomenally good at insulating your house from escaping heat or sound.


uPVC Colour Options
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Chartwell Green
Anthracite Grey
casement window irish oak
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casement window english oak
English Oak
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Golden Oak
casement window mahogany
casement window rosewood


All of our window frames are made from uPVC. Some of our supplies of uPVC are extruded at the HL Plastics plant in Derbyshire. This is one of the largest employers in the region, so when you buy these French casement windows from Window Doctor you can feel proud that you are contributing to the growth of our economy, to the retention of jobs, and helping to sustain one of Britain’s national manufacturing industries.

uPVC French casement windows are available in a number of different styles. The first is Tritech, a 60mm window profile. This style of window is highly versatile, suiting everything from domestic to commercial markets. They are solid and secure, but can be further strengthened if necessary thanks to the large reinforcement chambers and ability to utilise steel hardware. Tritech windows meet all the required security standards for normal usage, and, if double glazed, provide significant sound insulation to reduce outdoor noises. Thanks to the glazing beads and retention detail, Tritech windows are easy to glaze on-site.

The second is Total 70. This style of window is highly versatile, suiting everything from domestic to commercial markets. Our French casement windows meet all important standards including the PAS 24 security standard mentioned above, and can achieve an outstandingly low U-value of 0.8 W/m2K if you purchase triple glazing for them. Although they can be used from scratch in a new build situation, they are also ideal for adding to an existing system if you need to replace an old window. Total 70 windows are fully compatible with reversible windows and many of our other products and services.

multi-chambered window profile surrey

Multi Chamber

To ensure your peace of mind, all of our Liniar products are accompanied by a comprehensive 10-year guarantee. This protects them against rotting, warping or cracking for quality that lasts.

thermal insulation frames

Internal Structures

To secure an inherent degree of impressive robustness and rigidity, all Liniar profiles feature high performance internal structures to increase the degree of security that they offer for your peace of mind.

window gasket epsom surrey

Unique Gaskets

High performance weather seal gaskets are installed to ensure your home remains draught and water-ingress free. These gaskets feature a double action 'bubble' design to ensure a tight seal is always maintained.

british manufactured windows surrey

Premium Materials Manufactured in the UK

All Liniar profiles are manufactured using premium grade uPVC, allowing them to achieve an outstanding level of structural integrity. This means that they achieve an impressive lifespan, even after extensive use.

upvc profile epsom surrey

Drainage Contours

Specially designed drainage contours are integrated into the profile design to maximise natural drainage. This ensures any moisture-build up is prevented and your home remains fully protected from the elements.

low maintenance windows surrey

Low Maintenance

Due to the inherent qualities of uPVC, all Liniar products require very minimal upkeep to maintain their outstanding appearance. This means that they will offer an 'as new' appearance even after exposure to the elements.

uPVC French Casement Window Prices Epsom

For a free, instant and competitive uPVC French casement windows quote that is tailored to your specifications in Epsom and the surrounding areas, simply visit our online quoting engine today. This system has been specially designed to make things easy for you.

If you’d prefer to speak to a member of our team, simply get in touch with us via our online contact form. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have in regards to our uPVC French casement windows or other services.


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